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Hey, I'm still here

Hi. I know I haven't posted anything since the announcement about Jezebel but there hasn't been anything happening except 70-hour work weeks. And who wants to hear about that? But there Is something to write about now and I'm literally using it to write this post.

Mike gave me an iPad 4 with keyboard for our anniversaries this year. It's shiny & pretty & much more technological than anything I've ever used before. It's fun. Now I just need to give her a name. The case & keyboard are pink & purple (they were out of blue). I might have to get a blue cover eventually though.


This post is extremely hard for me to write so it has taken a few weeks to do so.

My beloved cat Jezebel died April 9, 2014. She was 20 years old & died peacefully in Mike's arms. She was my best friend & stayed with me faithfully through many, many ups & downs. I adopted her in 1994 when she was 6 months old. No one could ever ask for a better kitty. She was polite, friendly, loved to snuggle on laps, loved her sunbeams, made a wonderful alarm clock, never caused trouble & made everyone smile.

I miss her so much.

What I'm reading

I haven't posted because I've been very depressed & very busy lately. (The two situations are related.) But I thought I would say something about two series I've been reading & enjoying a lot of late.

The first one was recommended to me by lisabella. I am so glad she did! (Hi Lisa!) I've only read about 3/4 of the first book and I'm hooked. Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter is the first book in the Grant County series. It's a really good mystery set in rural Georgia. The characters are well-written & the story isn't just another police procedural. Go read it.

The other one was recommended to me by my friend Allison. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is the first book of the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. I've read through the 3rd book & enjoyed them all. There's supposed to be 12 books in all so I'm going to take my time & stretch out the series. Plus, I can only take so much Regency romance & properly mannered young ladies at one time. Go read these too.

This is what I read in 2013!

Here's my 2013 Goodreads list of books I read. https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/1266726?read_at=2013&utm_source=facebook.com&view=covers

Some of them are books I reread. A few were really good & I'm still thinking about them. Most were just okay. I don't think any were bad because I don't finish bad books. Life's too short & there's way too many unread books for that.

The list includes physical printed paper books, e-books & audiobooks. They are books I own & books I checked out from libraries. A bunch of them are books that I first checked out from a library then bought for myself because the book was so much better than I expected. Those were very happy surprises. I don't buy a lot of books but the price of many e-books fit nicely into my budget.

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I know I have not been a very good girl about some things this year. I've screwed up some relationships in a big way & fucked up in a lot of little ways. But I've tried to be good. Really I have. And I'm still trying & working very hard on stuff. So maybe I could move a little closer to the Nice list?
If that's possible, here is what I would like for Christmas this year — please just talk to the Powers That Be, the Gods & Goddesses, the Universe, Whomever and ask Them to give us a break. Let us catch up on some bills or even get ahead on them before the cat gets sick or the truck needs fixed again. Maybe find & patch the leak in the roof before the next heavy rainstorm makes it worse & more expensive to fix. Or find a little bit of extra money to pay my overdue tuition bills & finish grad school.
I'm not asking for an iPad or a new gadget. I just want something to go our way please. Thank you.


Thanks to lisabella's nudge, I'm here. :) So, without further ado, here we go.

I bought this ruffle yarn at work because I thought it would make cute Steelers scarves for Mike's sister & niece when they come here next month. Customers say it's really easy & fast to do.



Another baby blanket done! This one is for one of Mike's coworkers. (He commissioned it for her.) I need to block it & weave in the ends but the knitting part is done.

I've been thinking about how connected & dependent we all are on the Internet. Way back when, if I had a random question or one of the "why does this do that" questions, I would wonder idly about it then maybe ask someone for some kind of answer. The someone may or may not have an answer but it would start a discussion. (I'm not talking about the Big Questions - just little stuff.)

Now with my smartphone & close proximity of a computer, I can look up these questions & get an answer almost immediately, thanks to the great gods Google & Wikipedia. No more idle questioning or wondering if there is an answer. And this seems to be leading to more ADHD-type behavior for me.

Recent examples: I can find out whether or not The League is filmed in Chicago. (It's not.) Or what a waterspout is. (Very cool phenomenon.) Or how much to tip for a manicure vs. a mani/pedi. (Minimum of $3 or 15% for each, whichever is greater.) Or where I can buy purple food coloring. (McCormicks makes a neon color set which is available at the grocery store & professional cake decorating colors are at Michaels & Joanns.)

kitty & job update

Harley Quinn kitty started having seizure episodes last Monday (Labor Day). We freaked out - really scary to see her go through that & there's nothing you can do - but did a bit of Internet research & decided to make a vet appointment on Tuesday rather than take her to the emergency vet. I was able to take her to our vet on Wednesday & they drew blood for some blood tests to find out what's going on. She's a really healthy kitty other than the seizures according to Dr. Bowes. She said it could be hypertension, a thyroid problem, diabetes or a possible but unlikely chance of epilepsy.

On Thursday, the vet diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism which is easily taken care of with medicine twice a day. I opted for the transdermal lotion that gets rubbed into her inner ear rather than trying to give her a pill. (I learned the hard way how much of an epic fail that is!) She's been on the medicine 2 days & it's going well so far. She's still having small seizures though. Hopefully they will stop soon once her thyroid goes back to normal.

All of that leads me to the job update. I decided to take a seasonal part-time job to pay for Harley's vet bills & make up for the missing teaching salary. I had an interview with Joann Fabrics this morning. I think it went really well and I'll hear back from them next week. If I do get it, I'll be working 15-20 hours a week, mostly nights with some weekends. And they made sure to tell me that everyone works on Black Friday for at least a 4-hour shift. I'm okay with that. I also applied to Barnes & Noble, local yarn shops & Starbucks. I hope one of them works out & I can pay the bills on time again.

And I hope I have some time in there to work on & finish my thesis so I can graduate in May 2014 like I planned.

Mike 1, gallbladder 0

Mike had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy this afternoon. (I love knowing the fancy medical terms for stuff.) He also had his gallbladder removed. He's okay, home asleep with the good narcotics. He's off work for the rest of the week & his mom gets here Thursday.

Not sure yet how that's going to go. His mom is basically okay but she's a persnickety old woman that's critical about everything. Oh well. Our house looks decent right now but isn't perfect. If I get time, I'll clean it more thoroughly. If not, whatever.



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